Back in 2019 we started coming together, playing some cover-songs and having a good time. Things got more serious when we began to write our own music. Late in 2020, we parted ways with our guitarist and founding member Flörg, thanking him for the good time and his creative influence on our first song material. Early in 2021, Tim joined us as new guitarist and completed the band.

In the end of 2021, we took a weekend off on a trip to the Beat & Breakfast, where we spend hours of practicing, songwriting and bonded even closer. Over some bottles of Scottish whisky and endless discussions in the hot tub, we agreed on our future band name: Built To Fall.

It is obvious, that Trivium has a great influence on all our members, but our music is affected by many different bands, which leads to a modern, melodic mix of very different genres, that maybe makes us somehow unique. Beside some NWOBHM influences, we have clean vocals influenced by traditional heavy metal, accompanied by a big influence of Melodic, Death and Groove Metal. Additionally, there are lots of Metal- and Deathcore influences in our style, mainly in the guttural vocals and the breakdowns. We serve a wild but coherent mix of different styles, which can be summarised as: Modern Melodic Metal!

The debut album ‘Broken Asylum’ was released on 12 April 2024, partly financed by a successful Kickstarter cam-paign that raised more than 6.500 €. It was already streamed over 15,000 times in the first month and reached people all over the world.


Ehmig - Guitar, clean Vocals

Nico - Bass, harsh Vocals

Tim - Guitar, backing Vocals

Alex - Drums

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